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With proven methodology, state-of-the-art technology, an experienced well trained staff,  and customized marketing programs based on your specific needs, we provide cost-effective, high impact solutions that deliver results.

Our professional telemarketing staff is trained in telephone selling skills and voice control by our management team with over 25 years of telemarketing experience.

Newspaper Promotion

Backed by uncompromising commitment to quality and the newspaper’s image, we represent both large metropolitan and smaller publications, developing circulation building programs to meet their individual needs and goals.

Also, our separate circulation retention department specializes in customer service calling for renewal starts, non pays, credit card updates and new start verification. Read more…

Business Marketing

With marketing solutions customized to your specific needs, MPI gathers important information about your B2B and B2C prospects that advertising alone just can’t, including present needs, budget requirements and interest level. That saves valuable time and quickly builds a qualified list of leads.

Our staff is trained to accomplish your service and marketing goals – they are mature, experienced, competent, courteous and most of all, effective. Read more…

Inbound/Reverse Telemarketing

Newspapers and other businesses are discovering the importance of bundling their outbound telemarketing approach with an inbound-call blended system.

This effectively allows them to reach prospects and non-subscribers in their market with call-in-contests, discount offers from advertising campaigns via TV or radio ads with give-a-ways (i.e. grocery or gas card giveaways) to build new customers and subscribers. Read more…