MPI Methodology (How We Do It)

methodologyMPI utilizes a proven methodology in the development of your customized marketing program. This ensures that your program will be implemented in a consistent manner to deliver measurable results.

  1. CLIENT CONSULTATION – we will implement a program designed to produce the volume and quality that you expect. We are experienced in selling all types of incentive programs in addition to cold sequential dialing we offer programs such as premiums, conversions, upgrades, sampling, charities, paid in advance, and stops.
  2. IDENTIFY THE MARKET – we can use our dialer to accommodate lists provided to us by the newspaper, or we can utilize our dialer’s capacity to screen and call by zipcode or prefix from our own database.
  3. SALES PRESENTATION – once the offer has been decided upon, we will utilize your presentation or we can design a sales presentation that emphasizes order retention.
  4. PRESENTATION REVIEW AND TEST – Marketing Plus’s management team will develop and refine client’s presentation, answers to objections, and final close. It will then be tested by our senior staff to determine effectiveness of the presentation.
  5. LIVE SCRIPT TESTING – Marketing Plus’s senior staff members will actually test the script to a sample audience and determine if necessary adjustments need to be made to increase the effectiveness of the program.
  6. ORIENTATION AND TRAINING – once the presentation has been tested, it is time to train the telephone representatives to represent your newspaper. They are advised of the delivery times, days of delivery, and the key features of the newspaper.
  7. CALL MONITORING – during the initial calling test a member of our management team monitors calls to ensure the telephone sales representatives are presenting the newspaper and all pertinent details to each customer. Ongoing training/monitoring by supervisors on every shift continues to provide the highest quality order that our clients expect.
  8. SET A STANDARD – the statistical results are analyzed to determine an accurate order per hour ratio, and used additionally for measuring and refining campaigns as they progress.
  9. REVIEW MEETING – the management team meets internally to discuss the test results and evaluate the report to measure and determine any refining that may be necessary and prepare the client consultation evaluation.
  10. CLIENT PROGRAM EVALUATION – Marketing Plus’s management will review the test program with the client, sharing with you the analysis of the market study which includes order per hour, contacts, close percentage etc.

In addition to the above key steps, MPI further works to ensure the success of your program with the implementation of the following policies and conditions:

  • Complete compliance with all FCC and FTC regulations regarding telemarketing procedures. All “do not calls” and delete files are applied to every file before we being a calling campaign. (SAN# provided upon request)
  • We will orchestrate a sample test to demonstrate our effectiveness in newspaper promotion, as well as the quality of our starts.
  • All of our telephone sales representatives are trained in complete telephone mannerisms and familiarized with every aspect of your newspaper.
  • We guarantee the quality of each start, all orders are verified before they are submitted, this means a lower than average chargeback percentage and less administration for your staff.
  • As a guest in others homes, our sales representatives are always courteous, enthusiastic and trained to be respectful of personal privacy
  • All orders are screened against your provided “stay off list” and also checked for accuracy before transmitting the orders to you.
  • We train our telephone sales representatives to become familiar with your newspaper before calling, therefore building the confidence necessary to effectively sell your product, but above all we know how to sell.
  • Sales are transmitted daily to clients either by e-mail or posted to their respective FTP sites.
  • The volume of starts required can be modified according to the newspapers needs, whether based on budget allowances, or increased circulation goals.
  • We utilize various sources of lists to ensure maximum calling exposure for your program.


Direct Marketing Association
Newspaper Association of America

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