Inbound/Reverse Telemarketing

MPI Reverse Telemarketing Programs

Newspapers are discovering the importance of bundling their outbound telemarketing approach with an inbound-call blended system. This allows us to reach non-subscribers in your market utilizing call-in-contests, discount offers from advertising campaigns, via TV or radio ads with give-a-ways (i.e. grocery or gas card giveaways) for new subscribers. MPI will show you exactly how to promote the contest to maximize inbound calls from non-subscribers. Once the call comes in, MPI will maximize the close rate using our experienced and well trained TSR’s. Credit card and check payments are digitally recorded for your protection.

Marketing Plus has the ability to manage inbound campaigns either separately or blended with outbound campaigns. Our system allows our TSR’s to move automatically from outbound to inbound (or vice versa), this allows maximum talk time.

While most newspapers choose to run inbound and outbound campaigns using separate staff and facilities, MPI’s call blended flexibility allows outbound TSR’s to be available to handle an overflow of inbound calls or to be scheduled exclusively as inbound agents for special promotion programs.

Marketing Plus Inc. Call Center Inbound Capabilities:

  • 32 seat call center
  • Digital Recording of all inbound calls with encryption of payment information
  • Dedicated Call Environments for specific campaigns determined by DNIS number
  • Campaigns specifically tailored to client’s needs i.e. real-time query search of existing/prior market base, collection of new market base information
  • Ample (32) inbound lines/agents available to receive inbound calls M-F 8AM-9PM eastern time, Sat 8:30 AM-5PM and Sun 9AM-5PM
  • Calls received after hours will receive a recorded message approved by the client.
  • Script writing
  • Custom/Standard reports on all inbound call metrics
  • Call result records stored and sent at customer’s request
  • Set-up cost of all inbound programs waived

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MPI’s call-blending flexibility minimizes your resources and expense to build sales and convert non-subscribers into customers.

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